• All Told

    Media: raw earth pigment from the Oregon's Summer Lake in the high desert, acrylic ink on canvas.

    12" x 36"

  • All Told - detail

  • Lament

    media:  raw earth pigments collected in Oregon's High Desert; juniper wood ash (from campfire), graphite pencil, handmade paper, acrylic ink on stretched canvas

    dimensions:  20” x 32”  triptych


  • Lament - detail

  • At a Loss

    dimensions: 18.5” x 12” (each panel 6” x 12”)

    media:  five earth pigments from the Oregon High Desert; handmade paper; various inks; graphite; birch panels

  • At a Loss - detail

  • Atmospheric Pressure

    media: raw earth pigment collected from Summer Lake, Oregon; charcoal from 2002 forest fire, oakgall and walnut inks (oakgalls and walnuts collected in Oregon), acrylic inks on canvas

    dimensions: 36” x 12”

  • Atmospheric Pressure - detail

  • Abert Rim

    This piece was inspired by a trip to Abert Rim in the High Desert of Oregon, where I came across boulders with ancient petroglyphs.  

    Media: raw pigment from the High Desert, canvas, colored pencil, used teabag paper, acrylic ink, linen thread on canvas.

    Dimensions: 6.25" x 14.5" (artwork); 12" x 24" (stretched canvas)


  • Abert Rim - detail

  • Alone 24" x 40"

    Inspired by sitting in the center of Oregon's Alvord Desert remote and dry lakebed (6 miles across) experiencing complete stillness.

    media: 12 stretched canvases covered with worn linen garments (seams), raw earth pigment from the lakebed, graphite pencil.

    dimensions: 24.25" x 40.25" 

  • Alone - detail

  • Burnt Red

    Made in response to the contentious issue of grass field burning in the Willamette Valley, Oregon.

    media: raw earth pigments collected around Oregon; handmade papers; worn linen fabrics

    dimensions: 30" x 30"






  • Burnt Red - detail

  • Trial & Error

    Media: raw earth pigments from Oregon's high desert; walnut ink made from black walnuts in the Willamette Valley in Oregon; raw earth pigment from the Oregon coast; acrylic ink.

    12" x 36"

  • Trial & Error - detail